About us

« Trésors de Ferrette », the association for the preservation and enhancement of the heritage of Ferrette was formed on January 13 2015. This non-profit association, registered as an associations at the court of Mulhouse , having currently 20 active members residents of Ferrette or from the close proximity . In addition, about 140 persons are registered as mecenes and sympathizer members.



Founding President : Jean-Jacques Kielwasser
Secretary: Elisabeth Schulthess
Treasurer: Philippe Simon
Assessors: Roland Vogel and Jacques Hengy


Contact: Trésors de Ferrette 5, rue du Château 6840 Ferrette
Banque: CCM du Haut-Rhin 7, rue de la Première Armée F-68480 Ferrette

Compte: IBAN FR 76 1027 8031 6400 0203 1930 139