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The associate ‘Trésors de Ferrette’ aims to renovate the ground floor of the Town Hall, with the first priority being to secure the necessary funding for the project.  In 2015, the association already collected €60’000 from individuals and generous donors.

Right now, the final cost of the project is being estimated following the public processes. Current estimation is between 300’000 and 350’000 € for both tracks in the ground floors.

To contribute to this Museum project in Ferrette, I subscribe !

To make a donation to support our museum project, please join us as a member of “Trésors de Ferrette”

  • The town of Ferrette has shown its support for ‘Trésors de Ferrette’ by voting in January 2015 to give a grant of 30’000 to help purchase the Vogelweid house.  When that project became untenable, the town offered the ground-floor space that used to hold the Ferrette museum for the new exhibition space and pledged their support for the project.
  • ‘Trésors de Ferrette’ is looking for other key backers, in Alsace, Basel and neighboring regions of Germany.
  • To contribute to creating our museum in Ferrette, join us.

‘Trésors de Ferrette’ counts on the support of local residents and the generosity of donors, large and small.  Anyone can show their support by becoming a member of the association.  The membership fee is €15 for an individual, €25 for a couple, €30 for a family, and €50 (or more) for an association, community or business.
The local council allows 30 000 € to buy the house. To get the 240 000 euros to pay this property, he wants to try crowd funding and sponsorship, persuade small and large contributors here in the Alsace, in Switzerland and the United States.
He invites all those interested to contribute to this future museum and to Ferrette’s and the Sundgau’s cultural and touristic development. “lt’s not an elitist approach, on the contrary” he says.

Get your piece of the museum!

Get your piece of the museum! Donations of €150 or more will be recognized with a special numbered stone with the logo of ‘Trésors de Ferrette’.

Tax deductions for donations (For french taxpayers, but international donators may also be in position to deduct part of the donation from their taxes).

The ‘Trésors de Ferrette’ association is a recognized non-profit organization, and donations are eligible for a tax deduction. 66% of your donations and membership subscription charges are tax-deductible (so a gift of €150 would cost you only €50).

  • You can get involved in this project now. To contribute, you can:
    Send a check, payable to ‘Trésors de Ferrette’, to 5, rue du Château, 68480 FERRETTE, France
  • Or by completing the ‘become a member’ form
    Contact details: Trésors de Ferrette, 5 rue du Château, 6840 Ferrette
To contribute to this Museum project in Ferrette, I subscribe !

To make a donation to support our museum project, please join us as a member of “Trésors de Ferrette”!

Banque: CCM du Haut-Rhin 7, rue de la Première Armée F-68480 Ferrette
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