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Les 9 et 10 avril 2016, Exposition Léon Lehmann,
peintures et dessins

LeonLehmannPaysageDeFerrette1925L’association Trésors de Ferrette organise une exposition consacrée au peintre Léon Lehmann samedi 9 avril et dimanche 10 avril prochains. Elle présentera son œuvre à travers 35 toiles qui seront présentées à l’ancien tribunal de Ferrette, à travers des dessins, des lettres et des photographies qui seront exposés au rez-de-chaussée de l’Hôtel de ville. Yves Gévin, petit-neveu de Léon Lehmann , commentera  les toiles exposées et assistera au vernissage.
L’exposition sera ouverte

samedi 9 avril 2016 de 14h à 19h
dimanche 10 avril 2016 de 10h à 18h

Visites commentées samedi à 16h et dimanche à 10h30.
Vernissage samedi à 17h.
Apéritif-concert dimanche à 11h.
Animations pour enfants.
Entrée libre.

Ferrette’s ties with the well known Painter Léon Lehmann

Léon Lehmann (right) with Robert Breitwieser

Léon Lehmann (right) with Robert Breitwieser

Interestingly enough the house Vogelweid-Lehmann once belonged to Léon Lehmann’s niece. His own mother and wife were Vogelweids as well but, from two branches which divided at the end of the 17th century. Léon Lehmann himself was born in Altkirch in 1873 and later died there in 1953.

Lehmann was known to leave his Parisian atelier in the summer to come and stay in Ferrette. He happily planted his easel in the surroundings to paint in peace and solitude on the rocky hillside in the City of the Counts of Ferrette. Very attached to his origins, he painted a number of still lifes, some of which in the house.

LeonLehmannFleursA complete floor of this house could even be dedicated to Lehmann and temporary exhibitions of his paintings could be exhibited there. Léon Lehmann Painted about 800 pictures. Some are in museums, in Altkirch, Mulhouse, Paris, Vatican…, the other in private collections.

“Léon Lehmann found his inspiration in the close vicinity of the Castle of Ferrette, in particular on Muserai hill, his favourite place.”

Jean-Jacques Kielwasser, in an article dedicated to Lehmann, published by the Sundgavian Historical Society in 2011.

Léon Lehmann -Riders

Léon Lehmann -Riders

Léon Lehmann - Ferrette

Léon Lehmann – Ferrette